Gun Rates in the United State Vs. Core Countries

Compared to other core countries, the United States gun-related death rates are higher. According to, on a average day, 96 Americans are killed with guns. This shows that the United States needs to fix their gun laws like Australia.Another example from The Huffpost Politics is that American students replies quickly when they were asked if they know when the last mass shooting was.This shows that gun violence happens to often in America.The United States gun-related death rates are higher than any other core county.

In 1996, the Port Arthur Massacre made the Australian government notices that people shouldn’t have weapons anymore. I believe that the 2nd Amendment should protect the right of the people to own assault rifles because people shouldn’t be given guns that kill more than 30 people in a minute.I feel this way because after the Port Arthur Massacre the government took 640,000 weapons from the people. Also, in addition to, 3,000 people wanted to keep guns and protested.I believe the government should limit the type of guns of a person can own.

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